Adults with Physical Impairments/Visual
Impairments (PI/VI)

M-NASR’s PI/VI (Physical Impairments/Visual Impairments) area is made up of adults ages 18 and older who have a physical or visual disability. Participants in this area include those that have a congenital disability such as cerebral palsy, those who may have obtained a disability or neurological condition later in life such as a multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury or stroke, as well as adults and seniors who may need physical assistance or specialized equipment to participate successfully in recreation.


Our PI/VI (Physical Impairments/Visual Impairments) area provides ongoing programs and special events especially designed for adults with physical or visual disabilities. Each program is created to provide for each individual’s unique needs, including but not limited to one-to-one participant to staff ratio when needed, accessibility of facilities, interpreters and adaptive recreation equipment.


Programs and special events in this area are centered around independence, accessibility and community resource education. Each activity is goal-based to increase participants’ overall leisure lifestyle with focus on finding ways that everyone can be successful in whichever recreational activities they pursue. Whether you want to get back to your old favorite activities or find new passions, M-NASR’s PI/VI programs will assist you with endless opportunities!


Please contact us for more information about M-NASR’s PI/VI area at

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