M-NASR Staff

M-NASR’s full-time staff are an enthusiastic team of individuals making a difference every day! In addition, each year M-NASR employs close to 300 dedicated part time staff that share their time and talents in a variety of programs and special events.

You may contact staff members by clicking on a name below, or using the email form on our Contact page and selecting their names from the contact list.


Lindsey Anderson, CTRS, Recreation Specialist ext. 3018
Lisa Barrera, CTRS, Inclusion Manager ext. 3020
Trisha Breitlow, CTRS, CPRP, Executive Director ext. 3012
Kelly Brunning, CPRP, Senior Operations Manager ext. 3017
Tom ByczekBusiness Manager ext. 3022
Nicole Derrig, CTRS, CPRP, Support Staff Manager ext. 3023
Audra EblingCommunications & Marketing Manager ext. 3011
Jennifer Gebeck, CTRS, CPRP, Superintendent of Recreation ext. 3021
Aaron Glickson, MHRM, CPRP, Human Resources Manager/Registrar   ext. 3016
Lauren Ruiz, CTRS, Program Manager ext. 3013
Ali Teichmiller, CTRS, Inclusion Coordinator ext. 3026
Peggy WilsonDevelopment Officer ext. 3019


CTRS: Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

CPRP: Certified Park and Recreation Professional

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