M-NASR Staff

M-NASR’s full-time staff are an enthusiastic team of individuals making a difference every day! In addition, each year M-NASR employs close to 300 dedicated part time staff that share their time and talents in a variety of programs and special events.

You may contact staff members by clicking on a name below, or using the email form on our Contact page and selecting their names from the contact list.

Lindsey Anderson, CTRS,** Recreation Specialist ext. 3018
Lisa Barrera, CTRS,** Inclusion Manager ext. 3020
Trisha Breitlow, CTRS,** CPRP,*** Executive Director ext. 3012
Kelly Brunning, CPRP,*** Senior Operations Manager ext. 3017
Tom ByczekBusiness Manager ext. 3022
Nicole Derrig, CTRS,** CPRP,*** Support Staff Manager ext. 3023
Audra EblingCommunications & Marketing Manager ext. 3011
Jennifer Gebeck, CTRS,** CPRP,*** Supt. of Recreation ext. 3021
Lauren Ruiz, CTRS,** Program Manager ext. 3013
Ali Teichmiller, CTRS,** Inclusion Coordinator ext. 3026
Peggy WilsonDevelopment Officer ext. 3019

** Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

*** Certified Park and Recreation Professional

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