Early Childhood Programs: Ages Birth-5

For our early childhood programs, our goals include promoting social skills such as communication and turn-taking, gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination and early independence skills. Through fun, interactive activities, our programs offer your child the opportunity to grow in a community-based setting. The skills they learn at this age will develop over the years into a positive, lifelong leisure lifestyle. All M-NASR programs are staffed based on the needs of the participants. A few of the programs for this area are listed below. For more information about M-NASR’s Early Childhood programs, please contact M-NASR at 847-966-5522 or see the current brochure.


Special Olympics Young Athletes Program

Young Athletes is an innovative sports play program for children ages 3–8, with and without intellectual disabilities, designed to introduce them to the world of sports. Your child will work on foundational skills including walking, running, balance, jumping, trapping, catching, throwing, striking and kicking along with social and cognitive goals.


Summer Day Camp
Please see our Summer Day Camp program section.

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