“…The generosity of people who are willing to help with their donations has lifted a tremendous amount of burden off my shoulders. I can’t express enough the importance these scholarships mean to us! So, we want to say THANK YOU again for the financial support to your outstanding camp programs that your organization provides for my daughter.”   “M-NASR makes a huge difference in our son’s life. It’s enabled him to be physically active and make friends…”   “I have to say that my son loves (Staff name). She has been so supportive with P. and has wonderful gentle ways of calming him down. P. uses these techniques that she taught him throughout his days when he is not at camp. Thank you for having (Staff name) as your employee. She is quite an asset! We look forward to seeing her next summer! Thank you!”   “D. and I (his Mom) loved the whole experience of Urban Adventures. This camp was great. The inclusion companions were fantastic. M-NASR made it very easy for us (we have five kids – all in different camps!!). Keep up the good work!! Thank you.”   “The bottom line is that all the Staff at the office are my friends who work hard and I don’t pick favorites but everyone of you rocks just like my electric guitar.”   “Where to begin? L. was successful and wanted to go to camp each and every time. This is huge and is THE FIRST TIME!! M., T., and D. (Staff) were the key. They simply worked their magic. They knew when and how to approach her. They supported her. The biggest and most important – M. was able to successfully engage her in a small group several times. L. DOES NOT AND HAS NEVER done “any group” successfully. They were positive, strong and caring. They treated her as if she could do anything. This is the BEST summer L. ever had. The anxiety level was reduced drastically. They had “talks” with her about her abilities, not disabilities. They encouraged her. Because of M., I am signing L. up for Teen Scene. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me all of the smiles I received from L. this summer.”   “M-NASR is B’s social life. The programs are creative and fun. The staff is exemplary. B. sees them as friends happy to be hanging out with her – not as workers doing a job. And that’s a tribute to M-NASR for sure!”   “This is not significant enough for printing, but I wanted you to know that my son started with M-NASR with Buddy Baseball. He absolutely loved it and the parents got to exchange information about the disability community and have a great time while we were watching. It was like a support group knowing that you weren’t alone in trying to find services for your child. That was over 15 years ago.”   “My experience is short & sweet. M-NASR is great! There are not many activities in the community for young adults with disabilities. I find M-NASR a blessing for my daughter. Wide range of activities and kind and understanding staff!”   “J. loves all the Staff and wants to be with them always. M-NASR has kept her social and active since leaving school. She looks forward to hanging out and loves each Staff member.”   “M-NASR programs were new for my son several years ago and through some really fun events (Halloween) and dances he became more comfortable amongst many participants he did not know but who are now friends. This could not have happened without your dedicated Staff.”   “My daughter is four and a half years old, has a very rare syndrome and her weakest skill is probably her gross motor. Through the Young Athletes Program, she has been able to explore her ability and gain new levels of confidence every week. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and experience! So pleased (registration/brochure), so well organized and staff was very helpful and energetic (programs). We were so impressed!   “…I had a stroke when I was 40…I look to M-NASR for exercising, fitness, socializing movies, trips, etc…I met some wonderful people there…I look forward to every day because M-NASR is part of it…I don’t know what I would do if M-NASR was not in my life.”   “M-NASR has been a life-changing avenue for us who seem to be stuck on the bumpy road of being handicapped. Bless your Staff!”