Board of Directors

The Liponi Foundation for Special Recreation Board of Directors support the mission and goals of the Foundation, providing leadership and strategic governance. Board members are community-minded volunteers who make a difference!

Dean Strzelecki President

Ron Stein

Steve Koller

Bobby Blease

Julie Genualdi   

Wanda Torres Kim

Ron Lundin   

Brenda Malik

Deborah Manno

Fred Minelli

Mario Minelli

Toni Rich

Larry Sorensen           

Dolores Stanton         

Marlene Worthley

Stella LiPomi
President Emeritus


Stella LiPomi, President Emeritus

It is with a heavy heart that The Liponi Foundation for Special Recreation shares the sad news that Stella LiPomi, President Emeritus, passed away on Sunday, May 3, 2020, after battling cancer for many years. Stella was the heart and soul of the Liponi Foundation and will be greatly missed.


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