Leisure Education

Enjoyment in a safe environment

The purpose of leisure education is to allow each student a chance to enjoy leisure experiences in a safe environment that will provide success. It will enable children to broaden their understanding and abilities in a positive, healthy way while learning new and different types of recreation. Leisure education will help the children practice and use skills they have learned in a more formal setting. Leisure Education is a great medium in which student and teacher can interact positively outside of the classroom. One of M-NASR's full-time staff leads each of the leisure education programs. All of our staff have degrees in Therapeutic Recreation and have had special training in working with individuals who have disabilities. They are also experienced in each of the activities offered and are trained in CPR and First Aid. Teacher and classroom staff interaction is an integral part of a positive Leisure Education experience. Classroom staff and teachers are expected to assist and participate in the Leisure Education activity.