M-NASR Staff

Staff members are specialists

M-NASR’s staff is made up of full time members who have degrees as specialists in Therapeutic Recreation. In addition, we employ more than 150 part-time staff who work with us during our four programming seasons.

You may contact staff members by clicking on a name below, or using the email form and selecting their names from the contact list.



Lisa Barrera, Inclusion Manager ext. 3020
Suzanne Bear, Executive Director ext. 3012
Tom ByczekBusiness Manager ext. 3022
Kelly BrunningSenior Operations Manager ext. 3017
Meghan FergusonRecreation Specialist ext. 3023
Jennifer Gebeck, CTRS,** Superintendent of Rec. ext. 3021
Sarah Groeper, CTRS,** Recreation Specialist ext. 3025
Lauren IshiiRegistrar ext. 3016
Mary Ann MinelliFront Office Assistant ext. 3010
Lauren Ruiz, CTRS,** Program Manager ext. 3013
Barbara SaundersPublic Information Manager ext. 3011
Wendy Springgate, CTRS,** Recreation Specialist ext. 3014
Sonia Varughese, Human Resource Manager ext. 3015
Peggy WilsonDevelopment Officer ext. 3023

** Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist